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Who we are?

We are QWEND Solutions. We take on all our QUESTS TO THE END.

We are IT Consultants, Web Designers, Software Developers as well as English/ French/ Spanish/ Portuguese Translators who have day-to-day jobs but have realized that Start-Ups and Small and Medium Businesses may have requirements that are not catered to due to their sheer size or more likely due to cost limitations. It is clear to us that the little men (the ones we work for) do not have the same technical and financial facilities as the Big Boys. We are here to help fill in that troubled space.

Who we help?

Our main market is and will remain the Start-Ups as well as the Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) worldwide.

We are here to help:

  • Organizations that are not big enough to have an IT department choose the right stuff so that they are always online. We guide them through the whole process starting with the requirements analysis all the way to the selection of the final solution. SMBs who have a small IT department may still require advice when it comes to upgrading, renewing on implementing new hardware and software.

  • Those who need to reinforce their image through branding and innovative websites. Our creative team is always up for new challenges. Let us help you get the exposure you want.

  • Those who need customized software tailored to their needs. Sometimes, even small companies want a piece of software that is truly theirs, something that reflects their requirements from start to finish. Our developers work a lot on server-client software as well as stand-alone modules (such as marketing software that analyses data and sends out emails or SMS).

  • Those who want to share their information in various languages such as French, Spanish and Portuguese in order to cater to those markets. We work on multi-lingual websites as well as brochures, pamphlets, posters, business cards, etc. We give you the ability to connect with the world.

We turn ideas into products, positioning brands to generate great results through experiences that unite design, innovation and technology
  • icon_01 What do we do?

    Our IT Consultants help you get the right solutions for your infrastructure, be it a simple installation, a high performance computing center or a multi-site setup for more complex operations. Our Web Designers are experts in creating long lasting impressions via their websites, visiting cards, posters, menus, etc.

    Our developers have a passion for creating software, whether desktop or mobile and they aim to please. We aim to create robust and stable systems written in code that age well so as to allow the customer possibilities of evolution in his software. New challenges are always welcome here.

    Our translators are usually native speakers or bilingual, so we translate with the cultural feel.

  • icon_02 What do we bring to the table?

    Our expertise, gathered from our worldwide experience. We have worked on many continents, and we enjoy it. Sometimes we work close to our clients, sometimes far far away. This does not stop our passion from flying across borders to the hearts of our clients.

  • icon_03 What to expect from us?

    You can expect a certain amount of professionalism from us. When we start a project, we finish it (unless you want us to stop). We will try and respond to all your requirements provided they are feasible for both parties. We usually let you know this once we get your requirements.

    We believe time is money, and money is very hard to come by, so we won’t waste any of your time if you don’t waste any of ours. We play a fair game; keep it simple and everybody wins .

  • icon_04 What do we expect from our clients?

    We expect you to be complete in your requirements when you contact us. The more information we have from the get-go, the faster we can analyze your situation and come up with an adequate solution. If your requirements change, the work will be redone, and that will cost everyone more.

    We expect you to be prompt in payment as we are prompt in delivering our work. In any case, we will define a timeline for everything together.


We love taking something and building it from scratch
  • icon_01 Why do we do what we do?

    Because we know what it’s like having requirements and limited funding to get what is needed (what it feels to be shackled and yet have requirements).

    Because it’s important to have the right tools to grow in the market as well as a team ready to help out in good times and bad.

    Because we have fun doing it! IT is and will remain our passion!

  • icon_02 Why choose us?

    Each member is highly qualified and knows how the industry works.

    We are professional and make use of limited resources. We do not ask you to allocate more people than absolutely necessary for a given project. Having a sole point of contact (most likely the decision maker) helps reduce the time required to complete the project. We do not take up office space.

    We are cheaper!

  • icon_03 Why are we cheaper than most firms?

    We work online! We have no office set-up costs, no employees answering phones, no unnecessary expenses! We do Skype calls, regular phone calls and emails (depending on the cost and type of project).

    We guide our clients in the right direction when it comes to IT consulting. We do not do their work for them. They will have to outsource the manual labor or do it themselves. Obviously, for web design, software development and translation services, we do the work as described in out Terms and Conditions.

    We do not physically come and appear in your offices, everything we do is online. We save you those associated costs.

    We do not bill you by a number of days, but by the size of the project, unless otherwise agreed upon.

    We keep costs low because we want you to come back to us and refer others to us.

    We finish our projects much faster than others. On average we take 3 (three) days consulting for an IT infrastructure for a start-up to about 8 (eight) days for a small and medium business. Obviously, this depends a lot on what needs to be done.

    We give you complete documentation detailing your requirements, our recommendations and the technical schemas of the infrastructure when we complete the project. Obviously, we require you to sign off on the requirements before we give you a recommendation.


We show you that great service beats fast service every single time
  • icon_01 How do we work?

    We contact you to take note of your requirements.

    Once you have signed off on them (scanned document that is signed), we begin our work analyzing and defining a solution.

    We will email or call you. Skype videoconferences are also available. We will define call times together.


  • icon_02 How can we help you?

    We have a wide range of expertise and we are very professional.

    We will do our best to give you the best answers available.


  • icon_03 How can you help us?

    By letting us take care of your needs.

    By recommending us to your peers when things go well and maybe by writing us a review that we may paste on our website for other potential customers.


Solid. Simple. Definite.

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Design and innovation that advances the human experience

We were referred to Qwend Solutions from a friend of ours in Dortmund. Not only have we been constantly amazed at the depth of understanding but we also found ourselves working with a team of friends.

Gerd Von Spiess
Ingenieurbüro v.Spiess & Partner

We highly recommend Qwend Solutions to design and build your site. Their attitude was always positive and upbeat. They carefully listen and I always felt like my site was priority number one.

Resham Lalwani
Resham Lalwani Studio

It took me a while to find someone who could accomplish what I needed for my logo and website. I have to say it was well worth the wait. Qwend Solutions was a total and utter pleasure to work with. Their hard work, patience, and professionalism far exceeded my expectations. So, if you want a great professional website, with a pleasant professional experience, you’ve found your team.

Lax S

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